The Benedict

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Our Hellgrammite is not only an exceptionally versatile bait, but is very durable as well. Made with our signature FLOATING “craw” plastisol, whether it’s pitched, flipped, dragged, or dropped, our “Benedict” won’t back down from a fight! Why the “Benedict” you ask??? Simple….we named it after one of early America’s most fierce Generals…Benedict Arnold. Unfortunately for him, he completely betrayed America and joined the British, inevitably cementing him as the biggest turncoat in history. So…just as General Arnold had transformed his legacy in the history books, the Hellgrammite makes a transformation of its own, turning into the iconic Dobsonfly once matured.


Quantity: 6 in Pack (3”) / 5 in Pack (4”)

Size: 3” and 4”

Plastic Firmness: IV (I-IV)

Stench: Agent Orange (Craw) for 3”

               Tear Gas (Shedder Crab) for 4”