Marbleheader (Saltwater)

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Our first Saltwater-inspired bait, the Marbleheader is made to look like a ferocious Atlantic Killifish! For years, Anglers along the northeast have relied on the Killifish as one of their main live-bait options, so now, we anticipate our Marbleheader to be relied on just as heavy by those die-hard Surf Anglers. Attach a jig head or swimbait hook, drag him along the bottom, and watch that PENN reel sing! We chose this name in honor after Col. John Glover and his “Marbleheaders” of the 14th Continental Regiment, who were drastically relied on by Gen. Washington during the Battle of Trenton. Due to their superiority on the water from growing up in Massachusetts & their maritime skill sets, these “Marbleheaders” were put at the forefront of Gen. Washington’s daring Christmas Day assault.

Quantity: 4 in a Pack

Size: 5”

Plastic Firmness: IV (I-IV)

Stench: Tear Gas (Shedder Crab)


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