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Want to become part of our Angling Militia? First step is having knowledge of our brand and what we stand for, along with familiarizing yourself with the products we offer. To get started, grab a Pro Team Bundle and save an immediate 25% off on a pack of our Gadsdens, Sharpshooters, Muskets, and Sherman’s. Once purchased, you’ll have the ability to accurately speak on our brand, and increase the chances of being selected to join our Pro Staff. If selected, you’ll receive discounted pricing on all bait/apparel! 


-The Gadsden (3.6” Flatworm)

-Sharpshooter (2.8” Ned)

-Sherman (4” Creature/Craw)

-Musket (6.25” Trickworm)

-Fish or Die Sticker 

*Make note on order form whether you wish to join the Pro Staff if available, or if your buying the bundle just as a gift for someone and don’t anticipate joining!