Weedless GP Finesse (Spearpoint)

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Weedless General Purpose Finesse


The Weedless GP Finesse is perfect hook for finesse fishing when cover is present. The double wire weedguard is directly molded to the hook shank, making it extremely durable.


The ultra-thin weedguard wire retains its shape but is flexible enough to compress with even the gentlest nibbles. Like all Spearpoint Hooks, the WGP Finesse is equipped with our proven VGrip® Technology and made of premium high carbon steel with a black nickel finish. If you are looking for a hook that will get into tough places, grab a fish and not let go, look no further than the WGP Finesse!

This hook is perfect for Drop Shot, Wacky Rig, Neko Rig and more.