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The U-Boat from Fish or Die Bait Company, is the newest form of Smallmouth candy to come out of the shop. Fishing rock piles, shelled bottoms, and any type of structure in between, these 3.5” tubes are the perfect imitation for all forage ranging from Harris Chain, to the Great Lakes.

With a perfectly salted body and skirt, our U-Boats will have you sinking the competition when it’s time to weigh-in! 

Techniques include: 

  • Internal Tube Jig
  • Texas Rig
  • Ned  Rig
  • Weightless 

Quantity: 6 in a Pack (3.5”) / 8 in a Pack (2.5”)

Size: 3.5

Plastic Firmness: III (I-IV)

Stench: Poison Gas (Coffee/Craw)

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